Yosi Tal, B.arch, is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning since 1978.
The Zichron Yaakov Office started as an independent design office in 1986, after Yosi served as a partner at M.S.B., a design house with offices located at Haifa and Beer-Sheva. In 2010 the Office was incorporated with the addition of Architect Noa Tal Calo.Our office employs a permanent staff of 9 architects and engineers, and an outsourced staff working daily under our supervision.
Yosi’s and the office’s design principals are based on functional planning combined with artistic design, which together enhance the structure’s purpose and character. We adhere strictly to professional design processes and strive to reach a non-compromising level of reliability and service, all within a given budget.
We believe in providing you, our customer, with a one-stop-shop for design and engineering services, led by an Architect as a chief designer. Most of our projects were indeed conducted this way, but we are happy to provide any single service if needed to.

Yosi Tal and the Office have 30-year experience in:

  • Neighborhood and settlement-expansion design
  • Design and preparation of master plans and detailed construction plans
  • Residential Design
  • Public and communal structures

• Commercial projects and industrial structures
In part of our projects in Israel and other countries, in addition to providing designing services, we also manage our projects’ execution, working closely with the project’s entrepreneuring company.