Residential neighborhoods, Communal Settlements

Yosi has been designing residential neighborhoods since 1979. Immediately after finishing university, the Office (then, as a partnership) had won a design contest in Dekel Village, located at Ha’Bsor region in Israel. As an independent organization, Yosi and the Office have planned dozens of new settlement, settlement extensions, and communal settlements (Kibbutzes & Moshavs). We are proud to have designed so many settlements which had become economic and social successes, with high positioning status and resident satisfaction.

The Office had also planned several unique neighborhoods, like the sped-up construction neighborhoods executed by the Israeli Ministry of Housing in the early ’90s at Be’er Sheva (around 2,400 housing units in 8 different settlements), or a new communal neighborhood (270 housing units), one of the firsts of their kind, at Nordia Communal Moshav located at the Sharon region in Israel.
The Office offers all needed services for designing the neighborhood, in one place: design and preparation of the Master Plan, construction & development plans, house template design and personal adaptation and changes according to unique requirements.

Our full range planning, containing house design on one end, and neighborhood and facilities design on the other, leads to a balanced uncompromising result, within a defined and controlled budget, and at a relatively short schedule.

On some of the projects we acted as overall execution managers, gaining valuable experience in combining design and execution to one system (whereas the close supervision was done by a different entity) – see execution management projects.